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Old School Gym.
Get Motivated. Lift Heavy.

Club Barbell is newly equipped with state-of-the-art Sports Art, Rogue, Hammer Strength and Torque Fitness strength and cardio equipment. The Troy Barbell free weights give our gym an old-school feel that you will find refreshing and motivating. With plenty of space and equipment, you won’t be wasting your time waiting!

Step outside of the box and try out our Concept 2 rowers, tire flip, plyo boxes, TRX, kettlebells and battle ropes for an intense change-up from your normal routine! Challenge yourself with our Strongman implements including Log Press, Viking Press, Atlas Stones, Sand Bags, Kegs, Farmer’s Carry and Prowler!

We allow the use of chalk!

Need a personal trainer?

Are you new to lifting weights or working out in general? No problem, our Certified Personal Trainer is happy to show you around and get you started on a program that will get you results! Do you need help with your nutrition? Just ask, we have a program that will get you on track. Forget your supplements? We are stocked with everything from pre-workouts to protein powders and BCAA’s for you to try out or buy.

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