We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Can I use chalk? YES! Try not to make a mess 🙂
  2. Can I make noise? YES! We encourage you to test your own limits, sometimes that means making some noise 🙂
  3. Can you help me? YES! We are always happy to help our members learn how to use the equipment, how to plan a workout & how to eat for your goals 🙂
  4. Can I practice olympic lifts? YES! We have bumper plates & plenty of space for that 🙂
  5. Can I bring a friend? YES! Their first workout is free & if they end up joining the gym, you get a free month 🙂
  6. Can I control the radio? YES! The remote is on the wall 🙂
  7. Can I really use the gym 24/7? YES! Just use your key card to get it 🙂
  8. Can I bring my kids? YES! Just make sure that they stay in the front office area & are entertained:) (quiet babies in strollers or car seat carriers are fine in the main gym)
  9. Do you sell supplements? YES! We sell them full-size or by the scoop 🙂 Also, check out our rad vending machine for some delicious bars & single serving products.
  10. Do you sell apparel? YES! We have Club Barbell Logo hoodies, tees & tanks 🙂